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Your Surroundings Affect How You Feel

Did you know that interior designers use science to design spaces that make people feel good?

How a space is designed can be healing.

Five years ago I found myself with a pounding headache after being in a conference room of 350 people for 8 hours. I was aching to leave, literally. I got out my phone and found there was a restaurant called Steak 954 at the W Hotel only a block away. When I arrived I was dumbstruck by an enormous fish tank filled with Jelly Fish. Yes, slow moving jelly fish floating in a tank lit with deep-sea-blue light. It was the most extraordinary thing and so clever to be placed as a sort of screen between the reception area of the restaurant where I stood and the dining room. I was led to a table, sat down and before my glass of wine was even delivered, I noticed that my headache was gone. It was so healing to be in a space so beautifully designed.

Imagine for a moment that you’re coming home from work and you’re a little stressed, what ever the reason, and think about your home providing that kind of healing power. It can.

Scientists study human behavior. In Evidence Based Design, we incorporate data from those studies to understand how you think about your home, how you live and what makes you comfortable or relaxed. As human beings, in order to feel safe, we want control over our environment in varying ways. Controlling daylight with shades and lighting with dimmers, for instance. A hotel lounge will often be furnished with more chairs than sofas allowing us to control our personal space.

We also know that understanding human behavior is only a part of what we need to know to design a space that heals. Most importantly we need to understand you, what’s important to you, your needs, your family’s needs and how you want to feel in your home.

So, how do you want to feel in your home? To get started, gather images from your favorite restaurants and hotels and notice, look closely, you will see a theme, your style will emerge. You'll be on your way to helping us, - help you - design a space that makes you feel good.


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