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Evidence Based Design: Your Surroundings Affect How You Feel

The Most important VALUE of a home is its fundamental role in the PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL well being of its inhabitants. 

There are six types of VALUE of Evidence Based Design. 

  1. Exchange value - surpassing basic shelter & adding market appeal, going above and beyond, like this wrap around porch.

  2. Use value - reflects how well the structure functions by helping owners achieve objectives like excelling  professionally in a home office.

  3. Image value - the home is sending desirable messages about the homeowner to those visiting or just passing by.

  4. Social Value - positive social experiences are one of the core objectives of Evidence based design.  Building Family ties by creating a space that supports family gatherings.

  5. Environmental value - flows from environmentally responsible design.  That could mean creating a ‘passive house’ which means essentially designing a structure that uses very little energy.

  6. Cultural Value - comes from enhancing community life.  Homes designed using scientific evidence can inspire copy cat behavior that enhances the lives of many.

Scientists study HUMAN BEHAVIOR and draw conclusions.  These conclusions are helping us -designers- understand how our clients think about HOME / How they LIVE / What is it that makes them comfortable and relaxed.


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