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Decorating and Comfort Tips for the Holidays

What are you doing to prepare for the holiday gatherings? I’m thinking about two things; first, what I need to do before the holidays arrive. Like decorate, of course. And second, to remember to take photos when I’m with family and friends. I will surely take photos later this month when friends come over to make wreaths & other holiday decorations. I’ve harvested some materials we will use, like acorns and pine cones. I’m doing this on my walks with Coco and she’s even helping out, bringing me large branches we can spray paint gold.

Don’t worry if you’re not the crafty type. Chilewich makes a wonderful round placemat (see photo below) that will enhance any holiday table. And for that fireplace mantle there’s Heidi's Clay House's bronze love birds (see top photo) and Grandin Road’s simple garland.

With friends coming I cannot help but to think about their comfort in my home!

We did a comfort test on 50 chairs and sofas at the HighPoint Fall 2023 furniture market so COMFORT & JOY is on my mind. We’ve done some extensive research on that and can guide you.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook Page to see the videos we made of us sitting in chairs to illustrate comfort. Some of our favorites were Highland House, Lee Industries, Four Hands, Taylor King and O’Henry House. We have completed our list of Best in Market and will continue to share.

Happy -HOLIDAY- decorating!


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