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Wandering & Looking: A Designer's Perspective

Want to hear a funny story? Years ago, my mother heard from the loud speaker at the grocery store; “Will the mother of Gretchen Reinheimer please report to the courtesy desk.” Seconds later, from two ladies shopping near her, “Isn’t that the same little girl that was lost yesterday?” It was. My mother laughed, considering it was only the grocery store, not The Worlds Fair Ca 1965 where I was also once lost. Or was I?

I have been ‘wandering and looking’ all my life. As an interior designer, it all makes sense now. I am constantly on the look out for just the right thing, whether it’s bathroom fittings and tile or fabric, a sofa or chair, rug, wallpaper, bed, table, lamp or accessory, the search is ongoing.

This summer we vacationed again in Kiawah Island, South Carolina and I was overjoyed to see this green “grass” covered furniture outside on a patio while shopping Fresh Fields Village. This might not be a comfortable chair for reading and relaxing in your back yard but for THIS application it really couldn’t be more perfect. Notice my big hat, not just to keep the sun off my face but also for my husband to find me more easily in the crowd, in case I wander off…..again.

Speaking of wandering… There are 11 million square feet of showroom space with inspiring makers of furniture, lighting, fabric and more at the High Point North Carolina Furniture Market that takes place twice a year. For our upcoming trip I invited a friend to come with me so we can take videos of each other sitting into chairs and sofas hoping to illustrate how some pieces are very comfortable and others, maybe not so much. All that for you, so you will know and see, how and why a piece may or may not provide comfort. With all the wandering and looking we will be sure to share our favorites with you along the way in real time. Stay tuned.


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