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Welcome Home

Your HOME provides shelter, but how does it support your lifestyle, your routines, your habits, your STYLE!? Think about these things for a minute, when you enter your home, where do you put your keys? Where do you put your coats, your shoes, your mail? Do you have a place to put groceries down? Is there a place you can leave your cell phone for charging? We’re thinking about designing a space that satisfies your needs and expresses your style. Like a well organized desk drawer, pens here, paper clips there, pencils and erasers in the back, everything has its place. We want this kind of organized function for you.

HOUSE RULE #1 – Keys in the dish

We have this little enameled dish on a bookcase near the front door where we put our keys so we always know, that’s where they are. There’s comfort in knowing!

HOUSE RULE #2 - Shoes Off!

Do you like for everyone to take their shoes off upon entering your home? Let’s design a bench where you sit to take them off. Maybe it’s got storage underneath where you can leave them. This storage could hide your shoes so you don’t have to see them, if seeing them is a stress point. By organizing everyone’s shoes in a beautiful way we have eliminated confusion and reduced stress by creating a plan for your where to put your shoes when you walk in your door.

HOUSE RULE #3 - Hang up your coat

This large Entry Hall at the right has two closets flanking the front doors, these will be used by guests most likely. The secondary entry at the left has a mudroom with a larger closet which will be the main area where the family’s coats will get hung up in this house. This is a ‘spec’ house and so we had to imagine what might be best for the incoming family. Your home has a closet in the entry where you can hang your coat but, is it sufficient?

Does it accommodate long and short coats, scarves and hats? Is the space used efficiently? Is it wallpapered inside? Interior Designer, David Laurence Roth always wallpapered the insides of closets making them into little jewel boxes where upon opening each one you were greeted with an entertaining splash of pattern & color. This is where your style comes in! Designing your home to function, is to design a space that supports your needs. Designing one with a sense of your style is to create your HOME, a space that reflects your personality. What do you think of this leaping cheetah wallpaper for a closet in your home, pretty wild, no?

We are the hunter gatherers and want your feedback as it points us in a direction to design a space that reflects your style and your personality. So welcome home. Sit back & relax, we’ve got this.

Gretchen Reinheimer Design


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