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Honey I'm Home! Remember That?

When I was 8 years old I remember my mother telling us (my brothers & me) that she was going to have a baby. All I understood really was that there was going to be another kid in the house. I thought to myself, I am outnumbered here two to one. If she has another boy, that’s it, I’m outta here. I’m going to Florida to live with Grandma! I built a fort. I took my desk chair and placed it about 3’ from the end of my bed. Then I put a blanket on my bed and pulled it down over the chair. I crawled into that little spot and prayed for a sister. I suggest anyone who really wants something, do that. It works!

So we’re listening. What do you want, what do you need? A quiet place? Working from home? I know, silly question these days. Right now I’ve got another client with a guest room that stayed empty for a year. Some of our favorite home offices are also serving as guest rooms. Resource Furniture has a twin bed that flips down with ease like a miracle. You could leave a glass of wine on the plum colored solid surface desk top when the bed flips down and not spill a drop! (you really need to see the video on their web site) Sophisticated Italian hardware makes that possible.

Check it out, The reveal between the bed and the upper cabinets is such a relief to see. That niche for a book, notepad or tiny vase with a flower, makes all the difference in the world. This serves as the sweetest little home office / guest room ever. The walls are wallpapered providing an enhanced kind of cozy, like being wrapped in your favorite blanket.

Another way to create a cozy home office is to remove the doors on a closet. Add a countertop (you can see we put in a wood top) and there you have it, ‘instant-home-office’. Most closets extend left and right a bit past the opening. This provides the opportunity for shelves, accessible from the desk area. The sofa here is by American Leather, not a great name, it has nothing to do with leather. ( It does have a very comfortable mattress and this mattress on a sleep sofa is also available now through Lee Industries. Look for ‘sleepers’ on their website Lee has comfortable sofas and the comfortable mattress.

The desk can be made through your favorite custom carpenter, we love The Joinery or Home Supply Of course for tight budgets there is also the California Closet Company. They have many choices in finishes that are melamine and therefore quite durable.

Another favorite home office we designed years ago has a memorable color on the walls, Benjamin Moore, Stormy Monday. This configuration has the owner sitting with their back to the closet. This way we could maximize the storage area with files underneath instead of leaving that area to slide a chair under. The grey lacquered desk by CB2 in this room fits perfectly. We used art to inspire the accent color.

We all need a place to call our own. We hear you.

Gretchen Reinheimer Design


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