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Elements of Transformation

Considering a Transformation in the New Year? Whether it is a full renovation of your home, a kitchen, bathroom or an update to your living room, we work with you every step of the way to bring ideas to life. Here are 6 key elements of transformation.


There needs to be a vision for what the change is going to be exactly. There are many ways to achieve this vision and inspiration comes from many places. On vacation for example, your hotel room may inspire you to change something in your home. Or perhaps, you watch a TV show and see a new idea for your tired old kitchen. Maybe you go to a party in someone’s home and see something and now that image is etched in your memory. “I want that,” you think.

This photo of the interior of a building in Cuba shows an elaborate archway. These are found throughout Havana, Old Havana and Cienfuegos as well as Trinidad. The four places we visited in 2006. See the interior of a Hair Salon designed shortly after the visit to Cuba and you can see the Cuban influence on the interior design of the Hair Salon in the arch and mirror frames.


Wanting to make the change is necessary, if you didn’t want it, you wouldn’t bother with any of the next steps.


You need the team with the ability to make it happen like the architect, designer, builder, carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter, wallpaper hanger, you get the idea. Having a team in place is important. Make sure all members are willing participants to work together.


Funds need to be in place for the cost of the transformation unless you’re just moving furniture around, which could be quite powerful in itself. But having a realistic budget in mind is an important element so discuss this with your team way in advance of your project.


To renovate a kitchen or put an addition on your home or change the furnishings of a space takes time to choose, purchase, deliver and install, etc. Being realistic about the time it will take is key. Be prepared by discussing your vision with your team so they can prepare you for a realistic timeline for completing the project.


We understand the physical energy of making changes. Not just that of the carpenter and other trades, but if you want this transformation you’ll need to be involved. You’ll need energy maybe before and after work where you’re supplying someone like me, your designer, with some input so we can help realize your vision. In some cases there is a tremendous amount of emotional energy involved as well. Imagine leaving a home after living there for 40 years, a place filled with memories of raising a family to move to a newly renovated place. Be prepared for the energy it will take. Plan for it by setting aside time on your calendar each week to do your homework so you can convey to your team your vision. Checking off all of the above key elements will set you up for a successful transformation to enjoy for years to come.


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