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Do you have a cozy corner for dreaming?

I was shocked when someone said to me recently ”I want to get out of my home as much as possible”!

Do you know why?

Because being inside their home is stressing them out.

Feeling stressed inside?

Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started on a more positively focused path.

Create a cozy corner to dream in. See examples pictured here of a boho (above) and contemporary option (see right)

And then get started on these three things.

#1 Make a list of reasons you’re stressed being in your home.

  • Old kitchen

  • Tired looking sofa

  • Dining room is one big wasted space since no one ever uses it.

  • Stuff is piling up because storage solutions don’t exist.

#2 List what you think might some solutions.

  • New storage closets

  • Kitchen cabinetry

  • Kitchen countertops

  • Cabinet hardware

  • New floor

  • New lighting

  • New appliances

  • Take out wall to combine dining room with kitchen

  • New use for dining area

  • New seating

#3 Put cost/budget numbers next to each item on your list. Just guess for now and then know it is our job to help you through this!

$ 5,000. New Storage closets

$20,000. Kitchen cabinetry

$ 7,500. Kitchen countertops

$ 500. Cabinet hardware

$ 4,500. New floor

$ 3,500. New lighting

$18,000. New appliances

$10,000. Take out wall between dining room with kitchen

$ 4,000. New dining area design

$. 2,500. New seating

This exercise allows your mind to focus on something positive. Even if the solutions are not attainable immediately, focusing on the future allows you to release and let go of the focus on the stressful thing today.

Start dreaming of your new space by collecting images. You can collect and keep them in an idea book on Houzz or Pinterest, or in an old-school way, rip pages out of magazines, get a corkboard and pin the ideas up. Look at them regularly.

Positive focus towards a happy future.


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