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Creating Memorable Spaces

Thinking of creating a new space? How do you want it to feel? Places have such power that we can recall the smells and sounds and joyful moments from the past.

My husband has shared many stories about the camp he went to growing up. Ask anyone who knows him. I marvel at his detailed recollections of a time more than forty years ago. We visited Tyler Hill Camp in Tyler Hill Pennsylvania.

Staying overnight at the new #Tyler Hill Inn, we first had dinner at Hennings Local and saw Harry Connick at Bethel Woods nearby. (One of my favorite places for a concert) #Woodstock #BethelWoods #HarryConnickJr. In the morning my husband walked me around the grounds of the camp. Since Camp was already out for the summer by the time we arrived, we toured the area by ourselves.

My memories of camp aren’t nearly as magical although I had a great time. Being at my husband’s old camp, experiencing this place through his eyes as he described the daily routines, lunches, basketball games & water skiing on the lake, I could feel just how special those memories are to him. His eyes sparkled a little bit that day.

Wouldn’t you like to create a space now that will provide happy memories for your future?

When creating a new space think about how you want it to feel. What are the emotions you want to evoke? Some clients ask to create a feeling of glamour. Others want a space to feel warm & inviting.

Either way, no matter what the feeling we are creating together, the important first step is to know what direction we’re going. Are we headed towards the glamorous interiors of Hollywood’s 1920’s stars? See interiors by William Haines for inspiration. Or are we creating a warm and inviting space? See spaces created by Clodagh. She is an inspiration to me. She manages to create a warmth within a modern setting often, by injecting a natural element in a creative way. I’ll always remember touring a home she did and at the end of a long hallway she installed a long branch from a tree, vertically, as a handle on a blind door. That long crooked greyed branch on that painted black door etched there in my mind forever. We want to know, how do you want to feel in the space you’re creating?

Creating extraordinary spaces together


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