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Beauty With A Sense Of Purpose

4 important things to consider when creating a bedroom that brings a sense of Peace and Calm. Think COLOR TEXTURE, STYLE, ‘SIISTINA’ and how to shield your windows from the noise of the world.

This was the view from a gazebo in Antigua. The breeze was gentle, it was peaceful, 85 degrees and sunny. The sail boat was gliding along and that sheer curtain danced in the air. Just seeing it again completely relaxes me.

I believe we all need a space that provides us with that sense of calm. And what better room in your home for this, than your bedroom?

Color & a Sense of Calm

Your Bedroom is such a personal space. Evidence based design submits decorating your bedroom with colors that provide you that sense of calm will properly prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

Colors that support restfulness like “Exhale” and “Picnic Basket” by Benjamin Moore along with neutrals like “Athena” and “Ally’s Earring” are restful colors. Our bodies know the sun has set because of their natural circadian rhythm. They know that it’s time to rest and certain colors enhance that.

Soft Textures and Their Powers

A textile wall-covering and thick, walking-on-a-cloud-like carpet in this Upper West Side bedroom provides a restful oasis in a bustling city. Our beds, too, when padded and covered with lush fabrics enhance the theme of restfulness.

White walls, white fluffy bedding and a white Turkish Flokati rug sitting on a white cement floor could certainly be a very relaxing place. How different that description is from the bedroom

here with the orange woven textile from Morocco on the bed, the zebra wood and plum lacquered bedside table and the multi colored woven rug on top of the white carpet.

Our Personal Style and How it Guides Us

Creating your very own relaxing environment is intensely personal.

This wondrously romantic 18th Century pattern printed on a luxurious cotton fabric makes us swoon where others might describe it as a ‘grandmother left-over’! The artwork on the fabric is magnificently detailed. Brick red is not a known relaxer, yet the style of the print trumps the color creating a very romantic hideaway with curtains and shades to match, bedding and a bed all covered in this fabric.


Another factor to designing a calming environment is to create a clutter-free zone. I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck is siistina? I wanted to see about finding a word, one word to describe clutter-free. Google provided me with translations of ‘clutter free’ and the Finnish translation siistina was my favorite.

I am allergic to clutter, yes, maybe a little obsessed in the other direction but I know that a mess stresses me out. But this idea of creating an environment free of disorder, chaos and just plain clutter is so important.

According to Feng Shui experts you may suffer from sleepless nights if your bedroom has clutter and especially if it’s piled up near your head on a bedside table. Try This; organize belongings onto a beautiful tray to contain the mess so you only see that beautiful tray. Or stack books neatly in a pile or two. The neater the stacks, the better. If you have a bench in your bedroom, you provide yourself a place for folded clothing or blankets.

Windows and How to Escape the Noise of the Outside World

Your windows bring in light. Luxurious, Wonderful daylight. Maybe there’s even, if you’re really lucky, a view of nature, a park or body of water which as we began this chat about relaxing environments is the most powerful source of peacefulness.

You do not need to cover the windows but a ‘frame’ around them with curtains can be softening if you are so inclined. If you need a completely blacked out room so you’re not woken by the sunrise there are a multitude of window coverings and they all have degrees of softness & levels of light they allow into the room. If you’re someone who loves technology, you will surely want the remote controls to open and close them. You may even want all the shades in your home to open at the same time with one remote control.

We can make that happen by guiding you to make choices to create an environment to calm you with color, soothe you with the soft textures and organize your things for a siistine environment and shield your room from a noisy world.

Sweet Dreams……….!

Gretchen Reinheimer Design

Creating extraordinary spaces together

Bedside Tables by Cite, NYC

Bed by ABC Home NYC

Wallpaper by Innovations.

Fabric to make you swoon.


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