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Are you planning a renovation?

Do you know what you’re getting into?

I received a phone call requesting an Interview about being accepted to The Fashion Institute of Technology for their Interior Design program. When I arrived they asked for my portfolio. I explained that I didn’t have one. I was told “OK, I guess we can just judge by how you draw the chair”. What happened to the interview, I thought.

There was a chair on an elevated platform that we were all tasked to draw. I remember sitting back down, looking at the pencil in my hand and thinking, ‘OK God, you hear that? This pencil. That chair. Let’s go.‘ By the way, I got in. That was 1982.

Often it is just like that. We think we know what we are getting ourselves into.

You think, OK, I’ve got the architect and the builder, (who’s got the plumber, the electrician, the painter, the tile installer and all the other necessary tradesmen ready to go) that’s enough, right? Here is the truth.

Your interior designer is the visionary for your project. The one picturing all the components coming together. The one who helps with planning every last detail. From where to put your keys when you walk in the door to where you set your groceries down to where to charge your phone. We think about where the puppy eats and where the kids do their homework. We are designing to those very specific needs in addition to how you want your space to feel.

All the finishes in this pool house are super durable. Bead board walls, tile floors, stain resistant fabrics and cushions that can handle wet bathing suits. We planned for a space that is hassle free, easy to hang out without worry.

We can create the look and essence of Hollywood glamour, Farmhouse comfort or modern Bohemian. You tell us how you want to feel and we create it.

Planning a renovation requires you have everything on site before you begin demolition because you might be left with a demolished space for months before anything arrives. Deliveries as we all know right now are backlogged and holding up many projects.

What you expected, may not be how it happens in reality, just like my FIT interview. We help you plan ahead to lessen the inconvenience of the unexpected.


Gretchen Reinheimer Design

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