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5-Star Fabulous

Your surroundings affect how you feel. Think about walking into a five star hotel. The music plays at just the right volume, the aroma is like a freshly cut bouquet of flowers, the room radiates and everywhere you turn there’s something interesting that catches your eye. It may be clever artwork on a beautifully textured wall covering. Or a glimmering chandelier that hangs from a detailed panel in the ceiling. And there are always carefully coordinated upholstered furnishings. When you sit down onto a sofa or chair it’s magnificently comfortable. And as you reach over you find a table waiting at just the right height and distance for you to put something down. Your every need has been anticipated. You are feeling ‘5-Star- Fabulous’. Imagine now, creating a home that generates those same feelings.

When you walk into your home what might happen in order for you to feel 5-Star’ Fabulous? Would you have easy access controls to turn on your favorite music at the perfect volume so you can separate yourself from a hectic day and feel calm? Would you dim the lights slightly? Close the shades? Would there be artwork, a focal point in the room and comfortable furniture for you to sink into?

We want you to feel good in your home, to relax and to shake off the stress of the day in a way you can when you’re away on vacation. We want to create spaces for you to be with your family to enjoy life and have fun in, to play cards, bake cookies and eat dinners together. The moments in life that are precious.

What makes you feel good? Can you show us images of your favorite hotel or restaurant because they’d be a helpful hint back to us of the kind of space you like being in. It’s personal. The kind of space we like may not be the same as what you like. We don’t all enjoy the same music, our tastes are unique in the most magical way.

We met friends staying at The Nomad Hotel for cocktails & dinner in New York City. The reception, the Library and Nomad Restaurant are all marvelous environments and even the Ladies Room is extraordinary. Surrounded by all that patterned encaustic tile sparked serious joy. The warm glow of light from the sconces and the salmon colored paint on the ceiling area above the mirror made for a wonderful complexion reflection! Genius at work there. That’s a space we love. #NomadNYC.

We want to know, what’s a space you love?

Gretchen Reinheimer Design


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