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East Hill


It was terrifying to think about opening up the kitchen in this 1920s house.  The client wanted a bigger access between the existing dining room and the kitchen to make the layout feel a little more contemporary. We worked hard to maintain the beauty of the formality of the center hall colonial. The symmetry and evenly configured spaces fit so nicely together.  

It was important to respect the beautiful moldings of the adjoining Entry Hall and Living Room and the patina of the Library pine paneled walls.  

The new patterned tile on the floor in the kitchen and in the new Powder room was inspired by the patterns on the client’s antique rugs throughout. The Chaddock created a new dining table and desk that work wonderfully with the Library walls, pulling the spaces together as we had hoped.
Navy blue is such a wonderful classic.  Everything about the color feels -just right- in this kitchen. It was used on the lower cabinets and again on two matching dining room display cabinets with leaded glass fronts.  This along with the patina of the wood is the glue that supports this fresh new look the client wanted.
This long galley style kitchen was challenging in another way, that is to find the storage space for all the necessities a serious cook requires.  
Creating a special area for puppy snacks, leashes, toys and treats was just as important as the pantry. Success here meant finding room for all these needs and room to display heirloom porcelain in the dining room. Not to mention a spot in the dining room for a work area.  So the display cabinets, custom made, also hold files and papers, supplies and a small printer.  The powder room was reconfigured as part of this project.
Respecting the antiques filled home we thought to piggyback the antique mirror on the mirrored wall. Happiness is a happy client.


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