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Spec House 1


Meeting with a client about their new home and all the details they convey back in various ways, either with binders of magazine pages they have organized per room or images they’ve saved on Pinterest & Houzz inspired a system to convey designs to a developer & builder for a  number of spec houses. Builders don’t want to have conversations in the same way a private client does. There’s less emotion. It’s a more direct approach, “Tell us what you want” and move on to the next. Period.
    Thinking about a private client and their family’s needs and wants is very different than thinking about the majority of families and their needs. The kind of majority that would consider living in a 6,000sf home. At the same time, to think of a kind of beautiful surroundings with enough detail that speaks to a level of quality one experiences in fine hotels around the world.
    In addition to every exterior finish, the stone, the siding, roofing, windows, front door, landscaping stones & all of the interior finishes were specified by us.  
    Every detail including the fireplace surrounds, door hardware, lighting, floor finishes and paint colors for this 25 room house was thought through and specified by us.  
    The kitchen, butler’s pantry and  7 bathrooms were designed by us to relate to each other but not match exactly. All the details and finishes whether it be the kitchen cabinets, countertops and hardware or bathroom faucets, shower fittings and vanities as well as all the tile including the exact pattern and layout for the installers were prepared by us in a very organized process we developed to convey designs to builders and their installers.  
    We imagined a family here like all the homes we design and did furniture plans so we could in our minds, see a happy family moving about though these spaces. And so, now there is.

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