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The successful collaboration between Sigma and Gretchen has grown significantly over time, during three different phases of expansion and integrated office design.  As the company has grown and expanded, the firm had brought back Gretchen during each additional phase of expansion to seamlessly integrate classic contemporary design as it grew from its original 5,000 square feet to 18,000 square feet and then to its current size of 25,000 square feet.   

Gretchen captured the creative spirit that is inherent in the Sigma brand. She chose bright colors and curved walls in its entry, beckoning the guest through the halls to the back of the office where large floor to ceiling windows command center stage uniting the interior and exterior spaces. 

The viewer is prompted to look beyond its beautiful interior space to the outdoors, complete with a gorgeous natural landscape.  Bright use of color and fun contemporary furniture enhance the interiors, inviting guests and employees to enjoy the flow from room to room, whether it’s in the naturally lit reception area, or the fun, modern employee dining area. The spacious board room unites form, function and color as evident in the glass garage door separating the lounge to the 17 foot long Italian glass conference table, and the bold 3-Form orange Chroma accented credenza and adjoining bar area.

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