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Pool House


Working closely with the contractor to create this pool house, a mini model of the Main House for the client was a dream project.  
They were open to suggestions and dialog and so too was the contractor willing to hear and share ideas and work them out together.
The pool house was to become a place for family and friends stay overnight. The plan was to include a kitchen, laundry area, sleeping area, relaxing area, place to stay overnight, bathroom, shower and sauna. That’s a tall order for 800 square feet. After designing the central area for relaxing in front of the fireplace and TV we were left with an area that we didn’t want to just plop a bed into.  Every inch needed careful consideration. The right side of the space houses a tidy kitchen with a nice breakfast bar connecting to the TV / Fireplace area. The laundry area is hidden behind a pair of doors and next to that is the lounge.  It is open to the Kitchen but can be made private by pulling a curtain. We surprised ourselves when we came up with the idea of the lounge area. It has been built out to accommodate four modular units three of which create an “L” configuration hugging the bead board walls with cushions and lots of throw pillows. The fourth modular unit does double duty as a coffee table in the Main area. All these units were made with casters so to easily transform back and forth from hang out space to bedroom.
The modular units all have drawers to store the necessary sleeping gear like pillows, sheets and blankets.  Icing on the cake for the client that this is a very durable space since we incorporated stain resistant fabrics, water proof foam and bead board walls.  The client is happy and so we’re thrilled.

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