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Spec House 2

Because of this house, we named our Blog, DESIGN FOR LIVING. We designed this house for someone, not just anyone, but someone who cares about details and we kept the palette neutral for a reason. A Spec House is designed for a majority of people to be attracted to so of course the trending colors prevail, but generic it is not. The architect provided solid plans for a lovely home and the developer provided a budget and the builder, the labor to get the job done right. As you ‘wander’ through the house via the video and photos we’d like to point out that there are hundreds of choices we, as the interior designer, made to complete the look of this house.


In addition to every exterior finish, the brick, the siding, roofing, windows, front door, stones and pavers, and all of the interior finishes were specified by us.  


Every detail including the stair railings & fireplace surrounds, door hardware, lighting, floor finishes and paint colors for this 25 room house was thought through and specified by us.  


The kitchen, butler’s pantry and 8 bathrooms were designed by us to relate to each other but not match exactly. All the details and finishes whether it be the kitchen cabinets, countertops and hardware or bathroom faucets, shower fittings and vanities as well as all the tile including the exact pattern and layout for the installers was prepared by us in a very organized process we developed to convey designs to builders and their installers.  


We imagined a family here like all the homes we design and did furniture plans so we could in our minds, see a happy family moving about though these spaces. And so, now there is.     

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