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About the Work

Gretchen Reinheimer Design, LLC is a full-service interior design firm specializing in both the residential and commercial markets. She is as comfortable designing one room in a residential home as she is adept at tackling the challenges of a more complex commercial project, collaborating with the architect on complicated design solutions; navigating through zoning board meetings; executing intricate detailed architectural renderings and juggling multiple contractors to ensure the project is completed seamlessly on time and on budget. And with a creative, artistic and skilled eye, Gretchen selects the most beautiful and unique materials, lighting, hardware, finishes and decorative accessories that transform any space into a distinct, award winning design statement.


GRD offers an in-depth range of services, collaborating with the architect and general contractor to insure a timeless, seamless design. Gretchen’s contribution to the architecture and design is evident, whether drafting the floor plan of a new living room layout, designing and managing a complete residence or planning a 25 thousand square foot space in a commercial building. A thoughtful and sensitive communicator, she engages the client and weaves a most richly textured, detailed story.


Gretchen's expertise as an interior designer is rooted in classic project management. Her skills at navigating the world of construction from plumbing & electrical details to exquisite design finishes, fabrics and paint chips provides great assurance for the most discerning client. What differentiates Gretchen is her hands-on approach; engaging, personable and friendly.  Equally at ease speaking with architects, contractors and the trade, Gretchen can effectively represent her clients from product inception to completion.  


As the consummate team player, Gretchen is not afraid to challenge her clients to probe deeper; explore further; and have the confidence to question and provide opinions. She encourages her clients to think beyond; and as the conscientious, detailed and diligent design expert, Gretchen leaves no stone unturned; aiming to cover all bases, even before the project commences.  


She is thoughtful, and yet provocative as she aims to leave a distinct and lasting impression. Always listening and taking notes, Gretchen combines the thoughts and wishes of her clients and translates them into projects, ensuring that voices are heard. She expertly and adroitly translates client verbal requests, statements and opinions into design projects that reflect unique integrated spaces. By listening to her clients, Gretchen provides creative architectural and design solutions.


Gretchen Reinheimer Design, LLC.

Creating Lasting Impressions.

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